Bespoke citrine crystal necklace - 20-inch chain

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Crystal jewellery: bespoke citrine crystal necklace - 20-inch chain

These are hand-wrapped, one-off crystal jewellery pieces designed as a collab between Tourmaline & Co and ASH&STONE. Ash sourced the crystals and Sam worked her magic making these incredible pieces! 

If solidified sunshine could describe anything, it would be the citrine crystal. This crystal necklace has a heat-treated citrine: believed to bring light and happiness to the family home and gatherings, support financial abundance, and help to break the cycle of worry and guilt. 

Citrine crystals are considered powerful for manifesting and abundance. Often used by business owners and placed near the till or in their work space. 

The emotional healing is said to aide in uplifting during a low phase in your life, and overcoming repressed childhood hurts. When using during mindfulness practices you can use this affirmation if you are not sure what to say: "I am worthy of admiration, consideration and so I take my place in the sun".

Divinatory meaning: Take a chance or speculate as luck is with you. 

Empowerment: "I am not afraid to take a chance".

Crystal for chakra:

Solar Plexus

Crystal for star sign:


Sending you love & light from Sam & Ash xo 

Note: the large crystals in photographs are display only and do not come with the necklace.