Amethyst crystal pendulum - intuitively chosen

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Amethyst crystal pendulum

A pendulum is believed to be one of the most valuable psychic tools, said to help us tune into your inner radar, spirits, making a decision or a guide to questions you feel need answering. Note this is not a tool that will tell you the future, lotto tickets (we wish) .. it is a guide for your higher self and connecting to your guides.

Amethyst is one of the best crystals to have in a pendulum as it is connected to your third eye chakra.

Once you have used and mastered a crystal pendulum, it will become your go to tool. Also good for assisting in choosing the right crystals for you. 

How to use your amethyst crystal pendulum:

  • Gently hold the chain between your thumb and finger
  • Start by saying aloud "show me a yes" and "show me a no"
  • Take note of how it swings for each answer
  • If you are new to this, take your time
  • Start small and be in a calm, safe space
  • It can take time, depending how connected you are to your spirit guides and higher self. 

Divinatory meaning: Some information you need is maybe deliberately being hidden; continue to probe till you discover the truth.

Empowerment "My inner world is full of meaning".

Crystal for chakra:

Third eye

Crystal for star sign:


Each crystal pendulum's markings and colour are different and will slightly vary to what is pictured. This will be intuitively chosen for you by Ash xo