Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose quartz crystal

Rose quartz, the crystal of love. Self love, calling in relationships, strengthening relationship bonds, friendships and fertility. Rose quartz crystals brings a warm, nurturing and kind energy to you and your space.

Ranging from a soft pink to a deeper translucent pink, rose quartz crystals are, without a doubt, beautiful.

Rose quartz is formed as a chunk so there are no points or clusters, though you will often find polished rose quartz points or hearts and these are often built into jewellery. Rose Quartz is extremely beautiful in its natural raw form.

Rose Quartz is one of the most common crystals used for sleep and sweet dreams. A lovely gift idea for an arrival of a new baby or a pregnant mother as they are believed to help the bond between the family and child.

Just in case you have't guessed already, the chakra of Rose Quartz is the heart chakra and the zodiac is Taurus. Place a piece on your heart while meditating, or carry a piece with you when manifesting love and self love.

This is a go-to crystal for anyone working on developing self-worth, self-love and inner child work. If you going through something and you feel you have a heavy heart, then working with Rose Quartz is believed to help with lifting the load and bringing some light into your life.

The empowerment for Rose Quartz is ‘I will be as kind to myself as I am to others’. With any crystal healing work you are doing have a piece of Rose Quartz, it wont go astray.

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