APAC 2021 Business Award

NZ start-up wins APAC Business Award

APAC Business Awards 2021

Launching a start-up in the middle of a pandemic isn’t for everyone. But for ASH&STONE, it’s resulted in receiving an APAC Insider 2021 eTailer of the Year Award  in its retail category – and a business that has developed well beyond expectations during its first year of trade.

Launching as an online retailer, ASH&STONE specialises in crystals for home interiors and personal use, gift packs, books, and NZ hand-made artisan products such as candles, ceramics and bespoke crystal jewellery.

Launched in Aotearoa by Ashleigh Scopas in 2021, the goal was to build an online platform offering high quality crystals and New Zealand made products to the local and Australian markets – and do so in a way that was a memorable and beautiful experience.

“We wanted to bring our products to life online; to create a platform that could truly capture the unique beauty of each crystal and artisan product,” says Ashleigh. “We invested an immense about of time and effort into ensuring our photography and videos provide customers with a beautiful visual experience.

“We followed through on that visual experience with delivery of beautiful boxed products carefully wrapped using eco-friendly packaging. And we provide a level of support to our customers which has resulted in very positive customer experiences and feedback.

“It’s resulted in being nominated for this award and we were so happy to receive that nomination. Being selected for an award winner was the icing on the cake!”

Hosting the APAC Business Awards for a sixth consecutive year, APAC Insider focused on ensuring only the most deserving were recognised. Therefore, all participants in the APAC Business Awards 2021 were judged purely on their merits, gathering information independently from a variety of publicly accessible sources and from businesses who chose to provide supplementary information.

Final judgement was completed in December 2021 with winners selected based on various criteria such as business performance, longevity, business growth (either sustained or rapid) and any significant innovations or feedback.

“It’s been a huge year with so many successes and learning curves,” says Ashleigh. “We’re immensely grateful for the business support we’ve had here in Christchurch - and for every single customer who has supported us."