About Agate Crystals

Crystals NZ: agate crystal meaning

With layered bands much like the rings of a tree trunk, everything about an agate feels connected to mother earth. Not surprising really, as agates are referred to as stabilsing stones; crystals connected to balance, harmony, yin and yang.

Agate crystals are very soothing and calming, they’re your go-to for connecting with your inner-self and harmonising all aspects of identity.  

Believed to progressively build strength and self-confidence, agate crystals are believed to support personal retrospection and growth. Supported and safe, they’re your solid foundation to help with this journey.

During meditation, use agate crystals to focus on all layers of self: your physical being, intellectual, emotional and spiritual qualities.

Much like this crystal, every one of those layers is a beautiful part of who you are; the sum total of which makes you unique. Enjoy quiet contemplation and spiritual connection to recognise each layer; create balance; and to open up to continued growth.

Agate crystals are also used to support emotional healing and release from negative energies. If you’re holding on to hurt and bitterness from lost love or relationships, use agate to help release these emotional blockages.

Remember, this is a grounding stone. See it as a reminder that, no matter what life has thrown at you, you will always have a spiritual home that is built on solid ground.

You have a way forward: to place your bare feet on to mother earth’s cool soil and walk into new beginnings with forgiveness, healing and inner stability.