Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst crystal cluster

Amethyst is a powerful healer. If you need one crystal in your life it is amethyst! Known to be the mother healer of the crystal world and a beautiful protector for people, animals and plants.

Amethyst is a purple form of crystal quartz, which varies from lilac to dark purple. Amethyst was gifted her name from the word Amethystos meaning ‘not to be intoxicated’ in Ancient Greek due to its healing properties of reducing addiction, calming hyperactivity, especially in children or animals and is often used as a natural tranquiliser.

Amethyst is also used frequently in meditation and reiki treatments to open up the third eye chakra and enhancing your connection to your higher self, amethyst also aids in visualisation during your mindfulness practice. 

Placing your amethyst in a bedroom is known to help guard against night terrors and falling to sleep, often placed in a child's bedroom. Amethyst is perfect in any part of your home and it is good to move them around when you feel the need.

 Listen to your intuition of where you place your crystals, and when you need a refresh move them around.

 Amethyst is of the zodiac sign Aquarius with the empowerment of “I can control my cravings” 

If you are starting out on your crystal journey, Amethyst is a one of my top three for learning and connecting to crystals, and crystal healing. They brighten up your life and are a beautiful addition to your home interiors. You can find amethyst formed as geodes, large crystal clusters with many points or in a smaller polished single point. If you are not sure on what to get, go with what you are most drawn to.

At ASH&STONE we believe that crystals don’t need to be a small part of your room, but a key part of your interior design and décor.

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