Reiki, crystal energy & sound healing

Surrounded by crystals and glowing crystal lamps, something very special awaits.

ASH&STONE Reiki, crystal energy & sound healing | Auckland

Relax in our beautiful crystal-infused environment and experience energy healing with Ash. The owner of ASH&STONE, Ash is a certified Reiki Master, crystal energy healer and trained sound practitioner. 

 "I believe that using crystals, mindfulness and energy healing are beautiful practices to complement therapy and medical or psychological care. I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to emotional healing through crystals and chakras."

A very special energy healing session in a very special space. Your session is 90-minutes long. Tucked under a delicious Wallace Cotton blanket and with the low glow of crystal lamps, you will have our gorgeous crystal cave to yourself. This is an incredibly soul-nurturing high vibrational space designed to give you an optimal energy experience.

ASH&STONE Reiki, crystal energy & sound healing | Auckland



Time to talk with you about your journey, emotional healing, chakras and crystals. Ash will tailor an experience especially for you.

Drift into a soul nourishing Reiki and intuitive healing session. Ash will work on your entire chakra centre and focus on any chakras that may need a little extra love.

Crystal healing
Crystals are chosen specifically for you, placed on and around you as part of your healing session.

Sound healing
Ash will choose a chakra singing bowl - or multiple depending on what was picked up during the Reiki session - for a beautiful sound bath.

Essential oils & sage
Both are optional and used to enhance your experience.

Refreshments & you time
Time for you to enjoy the stillness and energy of your crystal infused surroundings; and more time to talk with Ash about your healing journey.

“I've never experienced anything quite like this. It was beautiful, empowering, healing. Perhaps it's being surrounded by crystals that takes this to a whole other level. Or maybe it's the combo of techniques that Ash uses. One thing is for sure: Ash is immensely talented and knowledgeable.”
Helena R - Auckland


ASH&STONE Reiki, crystal energy & sound healing | Auckland

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