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The new beginnings crystal pack is focused on clearing old and negative energy that no longer serves you. Both clear quartz and smoky quartz are master crystals! Love that for us! 

Rose quartz: We've added a little touch of rose quartz to support your self love and worth during a new beginning. 

Clear quartz geode:  a master crystal that also encourages creativity, curiosity and intense emotional clearing.

The charka for geodes are the root, but as it is a clear quartz is also combined with the crown, so a seriously good chakra balancing crystal.

Zodiac: Cancer

Smoky quartz cluster: our bad-ass protection crystal, this crystal is a force and believed to be an intense energy clearer, so does need to be cleansed often (under water is fine) is also known as the guardian angel against bad luck. A strong grounding crystal for anxiety and panic. 

Charka:  Root (opens the chakra gently) 
Zodiac: Capricorn 

Note: each crystal will slightly vary in shape and size in each pack due to the nature of the crystals not being mass produced and being raw chunks.