Fuchsite crystal chunk

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Fuchsite crystals are dusted in mother nature's natural glitter - they're called the fairy crystal for a reason, as it scatters green shimmers and flecks of gold if rubbed. Actually though  .. it contains muscovite which is a mineral that goes into make up! 

Fuchsite is the crystal to remind us of our inner child, to have fun, be playful and joyful in life! (that sparkle helps)

Fuchsite crystals are believed to restore emotional stability and encourage us to hang in there when times are feeling tough; also said to bring awareness to earth energies and bring joyful energy to a ritual or meditation. 

Charka: Heart and throat 
Zodiac: Libra and Aquarius

Not suitable to get wet, so cleanse/charge only with a full moon or sage. 

H: 12CM
W: 5.5CM
D: 2CM