Crystal Jewellery NZ: Bespoke Kyanite crystal necklace - 18 inch chain

Bespoke Kyanite crystal necklace - 18 inch chain

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Crystal jewellery: bespoke Kyanite crystal necklace - 18" chain

These are hand wrapped, one-off crystal jewellery pieces designed as a collab between Tourmaline & Co and ASH&STONE. Ash sourced the crystals and Sam worked her magic making these incredible pieces!

Kyanite is believed to bring tranquility as a result of breaking free from anything negative holding you back or down. Also said to be a good crystal if you feel you have lost your way in life, and feel you have no path or direction by empowering you to take the steps in the right direction.

Unlike most other blue crystals Kyanite is not just for the throat chakra, it is also a crystal for your third eye as it is said to enable you to ask for what you desire and connect into that via your higher self. 

Crystal for chakra:

Third eye

Crystal for star sign:


Sending you love & light from Sam & Ash xo 

Note: the large crystals in photographs are display only and do not come with the necklace