Baby amethyst crystal cluster

Baby amethyst crystal cluster

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Baby amethyst crystal cluster

Amethyst - a master crystal

The mother of all crystals, called the healer of all people, plants and animals.

If you are new to crystals, Amethyst is a good crystal to start with. It is considered for:

  • Protection from negative energy in your space
  • Reducing hyperactivity and addictive traits
  • Calming for children and assisting in warding off nightmares or fears of the dark
  • Strengthening love/relationships/loyalty
  • Enhancing visualisation during meditation and Reiki treatments.

Chakra: Third Eye
Zodiac: Aquarius

Place around head or on brow during meditation or sleep. Considered to help ease insomnia, addiction and compulsions.

It is also a beautiful piece to have around the home, as an amazing addition to your interior design.

Dimensions at its largest points
L: 8.5CM
W: 5CM
D: 1CM