Pink tourmaline in quartz crystals 🤍💗🌸

This honey is a sweet reminder to give your inner child some love and to take the time to have fun!

A nice way to do this is to do some breathe work, close your eyes and envision you are with your child self before the age of four.

Give your child self a hug and ask them if they have anything they would like to say to you. Listen. Once they are done speaking, tell them they are loved, worthy and that they are safe.

Hold your inner child’s hand then you can breathe to release and slowly come back to the present. If this brings up emotions, let it out. Remember you are safe and loved.

A lovely crystal to reduce fear, and taking the next step.

Pink tourmaline in quartz crystal is connected to heart chakra and the quartz connects to the crown chakra 👑 so it’s a beautiful chakra stone.

And for our zodiac angels this one is Libra, Taurus, Scorpio ✨🌸

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