Crystal Packs NZ: Tigers eye - I am bold crystal pack

Tigers eye - I am bold crystal pack

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Tigers eye - I am bold crystal pack

The crystal pack for self worth, knowing you are able, powerful and capable of creating your dreams.

Tigers eye crystal:
Believed to overcome fear of failure by aiding in feeling bold and brave. Often used by entrepreneurs and start ups to bring new skills, knowledge and money. 

Traditionally used to protect from the evil eye and phycic protection. Hold to help in trusting your feelings & intuition, also used for gently releasing anxiety or feelings of isolation.

Crystal for chakra:

Solar Plexus

Crystal for star sign:


Rose quartz crystal

The heart and mother crystal. The stone for calling in love, reconciliation and strengthening relationships.

Self love - accepting and loving yourself for who you are (considered to be good for anyone's self love or confidence journey especially for inner child work).

Rose quartz is considered to be nurturing and aide in lifting moods if you are in a dark space; and encouraging forgiveness of yourself and others.

Mothering stone: use if you have lost your mother, or are to be a mother yourself (place on belly when pregnant as it is believed to support the bond with your child).

Crystal for chakra:


Crystal for star sign:


Carry a piece with you or place next to your bed or on your heart during sleep or meditation.

Leopard skin jasper crystal:
A powerful protection stone full of reassurance that everything will be alright. Jasper works best over a long period of time bringing stability and keeping you at the right place at the right time. 

Note: Every crystal in these packs may slightly vary size, shape and colour due to nothing being mass produced.