Fluorite crystal tower - intuitively chosen

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Fluorite crystal tower - intuitively chosen

Fluorite crystal towers - towers are used to amplify energy, vibration and enhance meditation. 

A deeply calming crystal, these towers are a combination of green and purple fluorite. 

The purple is believed to become more protective the longer you use it. Used for releasing self-limiting beliefs, and bringing forward your passions and clarity on what you want to learn or do in life. A third eye crystal, and is said to help protect while delving and learning new energy healing practices.

The green is a heart crystal, said to release blocked grief, and aiding in freeing emotions to bring new growth. Believed to add new energy to bring fresh starts in your life.

Said to attract prosperity and pure life force. Fun fact: the spirit animal for fluorite is a butterfly. 

Empowerment: 'I will not be swayed by a false sentiment' & ' I seek the best in others'.

Divinatory meaning: What you want may not be practical, but you should not compromise your principles.

Crystal for chakra:

Third eye

Crystal for star sign:


Crystal approx. dimensions at largest points (each crystal is unique)





Each tower will be intuitively chosen for you by Ash xo