Carnelian banded eye tumblestone - intuitively chosen

Carnelian banded eye tumblestone - intuitively chosen

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Carnelian banded tumblestone

Carnelian is said to encourages you to assert yourself and to step into your power. Use if you are wanting to take a major leap in your life, career or relationships. 

Carnelian is known as the past life crystal, said to help with revealing past life experiences to learn about yourself to the absolute core. Use if you are on a self acceptance, self realisation spiritual path and journey.

Is believed to be a stone of passion, prosperity, and ambition and is said to be for healing around easing jealously, comparing yourself to others and keeping level headed when tempers may flare.

Does have masculine energy, and is said to be a good crystal for males, but also has feminine energy and a mothering stone so in legend is associated with fertility and good luck. The fertility meaning is applicable to all walks of life include being "fertile" with creativity, positive ideas, and courage to make your dreams come true. 

Divinatory meaning: You have the ability to move forward with courage and take hold of a new project or create a change of direction in your life which is full of abundance and fertility.

Empowerment " I am enjoying my life as it unfolds in a positive and fun light"

Crystal for chakra:

Solar Plexus

Crystal for star sign:


Every pieces will slightly vary in size and shape. This will be intuitively chosen for you xo 

To cleanse: full moon cleansing, smudging, run under or place in water.

The carnelian crystal obsession