Aquamarine crystal tumblestone - intuitively chosen

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Aquamarine crystal tumblestone

Meaning 'water of the sea' in Latin, aquamarine crystal tumblestones were believed to be the stone of mermaids with the power of the stone enhanced by water. Often used to protect sailors and all who travel by water. 

Aquamarine crystal tumblestones are believed to attract and keep good luck and love when used. Known as a love stone to encourage commitment, and often given as a love token. Also said to calm tensions or compromise with negotiations. 

If you have have a creative block or facing a challenge use aquamarine to bring resolution or inspiration. Said to help relieve negative energy and a reminder that happy or sad tears are beneficial for cleansing your emotional, physical and mental bodies. 

A good crystal to cleanse in a full moon. 

Divinatory meaning: Take some time to walk by the waters edge to regain emotional balance. Water will help clear any negative energy and bring harmony back into your life. 

Empowerment 'I am connected with my feelings and my truth. I embrace emotional balance and inspiration flows to me with ease' 

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