I walk in hope towards the future, even if it seems uncertain right now -

Smoky quartz 🖤 This hugeeeee 10kg cluster has some serious don’t @ me vibes.

No video or photo will do this masterpiece justice BUT this size and energy of this one is beautiful. 🌬

A master crystal, smoky quartz crystals are said to be big energy clearers and amazing for protection. I always say if you have had a below average day, place your hands on a smoky quartz crystal and just breathe it out. (This one is a tad spiky so place gently 😆)

Smoky quartz is connected to the root chakra, so this one is all about releasing what no longer serves you, beliefs of not being worthy, and clearing emotional blockages.

Sending you love 🖤💕

Take a look at this extra large smoky quartz crystal cluster here.

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